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If you need help on your projects, you came to the right place. We are a group of experienced software development professionals specialized in .NET technology stack.

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We are a company led by experienced software developers with many years of experience in the outsourcing branch. We can easily say that we've been part of the outsourcing scene in Novi Sad from its early beginnings, watching it grow and expand. Today, with almost two decades of experience and expertise behind us, we design IT projects for virtually any industry and develop tailor-made software solutions. We are specialized in mostly Microsoft technologies, but not limited to those alone. If you have an idea, a project, a challenge or obstacle that you want to see finalized come and give us a chance to help you in its realization.

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Outsourcing in general

Are you overwhelmed with work and need additional hands on your projects? Outsourcing comes to the rescue. With outsourcing you can:

  • quickly allocate additional resources to your project when in need without keeping them afterwards.
  • add resources that don't match your technology stack, which is why you wouldn't normally employ them.
  • cut the expenses since you will pay only for hours worked.
  • outsource the whole project if software development is not your field of work or you don't have enough capacity at the moment.

Clockfort offers both staff augmentation - adding our resources to your existing software development project - and project outsourcing services.

Nearshore vs offshore

Clockfort believes that nearshore outsourcing is the way to go, and targets mostly clients that are located in Europe.

Advantages of nearshore compared to offshore outsourcing:

  • excellent overlapping of office hours since client and outsourcing company are in the same (or almost the same) time zone. This removes the need to have meetings or work outside of normal office hours.
  • cultural proximity that enables better communication and understanding.

Outsourcing to Serbia

Serbia has become one of the most popular countries for IT outsourcing and development. This has led some large multinational companies to open regional headquarters and development centers here. These include Microsoft, Ubisoft, Continental and many more.

Here are the reasons for popularity that Serbia has as outsourcing destination:

  • Education - programming is taught as early as elementary school, and continues through all levels of education. This provides Serbia with skilled software development workforce.
  • Proficiency in English - training in English begins at first grade in elementary school, which makes Serbian IT professionals fluent in English.
  • High work ethics - people from Serbia understand Western values. High work ethics ensure that quality requirements and deadlines are met.
  • Excellent price to quality ratio - Outsourcing to Serbian companies is much cheaper than outsourcing to companies that are based in Western Europe.

Clockfort provides you with all the advantages that outsourcing to Serbia has to offer - highly skilled software development professionals that are proficient in English and have strong work ethics. All that is provided with excellent price-to-quality ratio.


CMS development

We have vast experience with Sitecore development, which was recognized by DesignRush who included Clockfort in the list of Best Sitecore Development Agencies. You can check it on: Sitecore Development Companies.

We are also experienced in Umbraco and SharePoint development.

Web development

For custom web development we normally use ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core, but we can also help you with your legacy ASP.NET Web Forms project.

We bring together backend experts with deep knowledge of the server-side development process.

Desktop development

We used both Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Forms for desktop development.

Database development

We have extensive experience with MS SQL Server and Entity Framework.

Mobile development

For cross-platform mobile development we use Xamarin for both Android and iOS platforms.

Frontend development

We worked on frontend intensive projects in the past, where we used Javascript combined with JQuery and KnockoutJS.


Radovan is an experienced developer with strong knowledge on the Sitecore platform. There are no too-big or too-small tasks for Radovan. He is always ready to help when he is needed.

Thomas Vorgaard

CEO at Cabana ApS

Really tried to make this a balanced recommendation and come up with something critical about Milan. But I cannot find anything... he is a highly professional .Net expert, not afraid to attack problems head-on. A real pleasure to work with and a great team player. Serious in his approach and often the diesel-engine that would pull our project out of a difficult stage. Easy going, the last one to panic and very open in his communication with his clients. I hope we'll be able to work again in the near future!

Martijn Leenders

SVP @OYO Vacation Homes - MD Belvilla AG

Har du brug for en ekstern Sitecore-udvikler, så tag fat i Radovan - han er super dygtig og effektiv.

Martin Beuschau

Partner at Team Mathilde

I have had the pleasure to work with Radovan for several Sitecore projects. Radovan is a very skilled and hardworking developer. He is a service-minded person who can span the cultural and language barriers. Moreover, he is a pleasant and social colleague. I would consider it a gift to get the chance to work with Radovan again.

YuQing Zhang

Senior Consultant at ChingConsult

Radovan is a very good and smart .Net developer. He knows how to solve any issue or problem, he understands the business needs. It was very nice to have worked with him for almost one and a half year on a Betabit NL project. The nearshoring construction worked very effective. I liked working with such a great specialist, and find it a pity that he is of the project (get him if you can).

Jos Simons

Applicationmanager at Betabit


Each with more than a decade of experience in building software, no challenge is too big and no detail too small.

Milan Popov


Dragan Stojković


Radovan Grujić



You can contact members of leadership team directly, or you can use the following:

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Branka Bajica 72, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia